It's All In The Ingredients

We opened our doors 23 years ago. And we've been creating the area's best Pizza ever since. It all begins with fresh ingredients. We know this is used a lot in tag lines, but we mean it. Every day we make our own hand-crafted sauce and fresh dough for our pizzas, never frozen. And you might be surprised to learn. We are among only a few restaurants that do this. And, you can taste the difference.

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Second Best Lasagna

Our menu has grown over the years to include delicious entrées such as our famous Lasagna stuffed with meat, fresh cheese, and vine-ripe tomatoes. A great choice if Momas not in the mood to make hers. And you can get it here seven days a week.

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We Do Subs Too

We have twelve different kinds of subs to choose from. All of our heroes are made to order using fresh ingredients to keep it real. If you enjoy subs, you're gonna love ours!

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Did You Say Stromboli

We don't want to brag, but our strombolis are awesome. We use our fresh pizza dough combined with fresh mozzarella & cheese.

Love Salads

If you want to keep things light, we offer a dozen different salad creations. All made fresh to order. And of course, we'll use freshly sliced meat, cheese, and other ingredients. A lot of people enjoy our salads. We think you will too.